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First Exclusive photo of the latest IR intake system being fitted to the famous Phoenix Pantera owned and raced by Mad Dawg Antenucci. From our undercover agents in the field.

Note the centrally located fuel rails and injectors making for easy removal of the valve covers. This photo doesn't show detail of the linkage for all eight throttle plates, but our sources say we should see more photos soon.

Look so good you almost want to hump it!

Gary Bartley finished the Road Runner Open in his Mangusta. Details Here.

Upcoming Events:

  • April 23-26: Texas Big Bend


  • May 16-18 2008: Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC) - Nevada Highway 318 -
  • We have 5-6 for Pantera's (no Mangustas) for SilverState-NORC in May

  • Jun 5-8 2008: Bonneville 100, Wendover, Nevada -


  • Aug 7-9 2008: Sandhills ORR, Arnold Nebraska -
  • Yo My Peeps,

    Yea, I know the Nebraska ORR isn't until August but I hear its filling up quickly and will be full in a matter of days.....and as Tommy mentioned earlier it is the most challenging ORR course in the states.

    Here are the 4 Pantera's and owner/drivers and crew registered and headed to Arnold in August. I got my car # (33) today in email. There's still available openings for the SORC but you gotta move now if you want to run with the big dawgs....Web site, tech rules and registration information is at;

    Besides veterans, Tom "Tommy Gun" DiIulio, David "Durango Dave" Adin, Larry "The Falcon" Kelsey and Mad Dawg, Bob "Rowdy" Radefeld from Topeka, Kansas just registered and sent his registration fees in.

    "Rowdy" who will be running in his 1st ORR is a Nam Vet who served as an Army avionic tech and crewchief on Huey's and Mohawks in Nam from 68-69. He started and has been successfully running an electronics biz as well as a upolostry biz in Topeka and has been running his Pantera in and around Kansas in club events for several years.

    Hopefully we can get "Rowdy" to share something about his Pantera on the List.

    Good Times!

    Mad Dawg Antenucci
    Team Pantera Racing
    The 1st & still the only vintage race team in open road racing

  • Aug 22-25 2008: Pony Express, Battle Mountain Nevada -


Past Events:

  • Oct 3-6, 2007: Ft. Stockton RoadRunner Open Road Race.


  • September 13 - 16 2007: Silver State Classic Challenge, Nevada Highway 318
  • Read the results from Mad Dawg himself on the results page.

  • August 10 - 11 2007: Arnold Nebraska ORR , TPR was there,

    We all finished...Photo's to follow! ;-]>

    103F and about 90% humidity out here in Nebraska today but all the Pantera's ran great.
    Tom thinks he may have had the fastest average in his class and I don't think I am too far behind him...We are banking on our Iron Man (Durango Dave) to bring home a trophy tonight at the Awards Banquet.

    Dave also started and completed the one-mile shoot-out but I can't remember his time at the moment....he did good...all I know is he got up early and drove the 45 miles to where the shootout was...

    Also of note yesterday at the One Mile Shoot-Out last night a Mitsubishi blew the Vette, Ferrari and Viper competition away with a 215 MPH run!!!!. Not sure how many cars broke today in the ORR but one Viper was off the side of the road and I caught up to and all most passed the Viper who started a minute a head of me on both legs of the run. We were at 1 minute intervals going out but actually 30 seconds coming back. Dave also passed the car in front of him so we are hoping Tom has the fastest time today since he didn't have any traffic to contend with.

    Lots of high-5's at the finish line.

    Definate Good Times.


  • May 2007: Nevada Open Road Challenge, TPR was there, read more.
  • September 14-17, 2006: Silver State Classic Challenge, Nevada Highway 318

    Mad Dawg - Super Sport Division (180 Tech)
    John "JB" Bentley - Grand Sport (165 Tech)

    Update 11 Sep 06: Out of an original five folks signed up, only two have not had other conflicts come up. It's race weekend and TPR needs your support. Wish them luck.

    Update 19 Sep 06: Both Mad Dawg and JB finish the SS with little or no problems. Read more from the Dawg himself, here.

    Remember, you can register and run as slow as 90-125 MPH in the event. Check out the SS Challenge page for tech & registration rules, and for more details go to

  • April 25 - 28, 2007: Big Bend Open Road Race